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The Blanca Flor belt is the epitome of timeless elegance, with its exquisite hand embroidered white flower vines, it can elevate your summer wardrobe. This versatile accesory will add natural beauty and artisanal charm to any outfit. The belt has multiple holes, so you can wear it around your waist, or accentuating your hips, Blanca Flor is the perfect companion for sunny days and balmy nights.


The flower designs are hand embroidered in loomed wool base, using vibrant alpaca yarn by our partner artisans in the Andes’ highlands. Experience the artisty of the Andes with our handcrafted belt, where style meets sustainability and empowerment.


•          Handmade item

•          Wool material

•          Width: 2 in

•          Hand embroidered design

•          Metal buckle


A gift made with love by our partner ‘artesana’ Victoria and her family in Ayacucho, Peru. It carries extra love, color, and sustains the lives of their artisan community in the Andes!

Blanca Flor Wide Belt

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