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Lovely and simple! Elevate your style and showcase your timeless beauty with our solitaire turquoise gemstone set in a Sterling Silver Ring. 


This elegant piece features Chrysocolla stone set in minimal design that complements any outfit, making it a must-have accessory for any style and it will last forever!


•    Band: White 925 Sterling Silver
•    Stone: Chrysocolla
•    Stone Size: 5 MM
•    Lightweight


Chrysocolla is the stone of calming reconciliation, and reassurance, and know as the Wise stone in Egypt.
Element: water
planet: venus
chakra: throat, wisdom crystal
It represents tranquility, hope, calmness.



Crafted by Ulyses, a Quechua artisan in Cuzco, Peru following he traditional designs, and techniques. It carries extra love, color and sustains the lives of the artisan community in the highlands of the Andes.

Solitaire Silver Ring Turquesa

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