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Decorate your home with the most delicate and chic Nativity, skillfully carved in white alabaster and set in a delicate retablo style decorated with whimsical florals.  

Each Nativity displays miniature 1" figurines of the Holy Family inside the crèche, the tree Kings and animals in the manger.  Beautifully crafted on 'Piedra de Huamanga' which is how locals call alabaster in their native Ayacucho. The carving of alabaster became popular after the Spanish found this precious stone in the Andes and commended indigenous artisans to carve figures for the churches. 

Measures 2.5" H aprox
Handcarved in Alabaster
Handcrafted in Peru , by the Pizarro Family
Designs, natural stone colors and shapes will vary.

A gift made with love by our artisan partners in Peru, carries extra love, color, and sustains the lives of the artisan community in the Andes!

Retablo Nativity in Alabaster

Only 3 left in stock
  • Measures 1.5" H aprox
    Handcarved in Alabaster
    Handcrafted in Peru , by Pizarro Family

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