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Lovely and simple! Playful cuff bracelet handmade of alpaca silver and a round inlay of a  semiprecious gemstone about 1/4th inch. The products are natural and ethically sourced in Peru. 


•    Band color: silver
•    Features round natural gemstone 
•    Adjustable
•    Style boho & hippie
•    Lightweight


Alpaca silver is a commonly used mix of metals that do not rust, and easier to work than silver. It is an alloy of 60% copper, 20% nickel, and 20% zinc.


Crafted by Ulyses, a Quechua artisan in Cuzco, Peru following he traditional designs, and techniques. It carries extra love, color and sustains the lives of the artisan community in the highlands of the Andes.

Nazca Cuff Bracelet with Natural Gemstone

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