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The ‘Movimiento Dorado’ tapestry is a stunning textile wall art for your living, office, bedroom, or family room. This one-of-a kind piece was crafted following traditional Andean indigenous pedal-looming technique and it depicts the illusion of a three-dimensional folding rug moving out of the wall.

This wall art is inspired by textiles from the pre-Columbus civilization, and it was carefully crafted by a Quechua artist, Master artisan Ciriaco Winay from Ayacucho, Peru. This handmade piece takes four weeks to be carefully designed and constructed.

Dimensions: 35.5 in x 23 in.
100% alpaca
Artisanal hand-loomed
Dry clean only

The tapestry is crafted using eco-friendly alpaca yarns, dyed with natural local elements from the Andes mountains.

Alpaca textiles were considered the gold of the Incas because it is not only warm and lightweight, but also thermoregulating. Alpaca fibers repel moisture and bacteria cannot grow in it!

Movimiento Dorado Tapestry, Hand-loomed Wall Art

    • Handmade

    • Materials: alpaca threads

    • Width: 23 inches

    • Height: 35.5 inches

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