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Resplendent figurine of the Cuzquena ‘Mamacha and the Child’ is a maternal sculpture depicting a byzantine gilded Madonna Virgin Mary with an Andean twist. 


Master Peruvian artisan Juana Medivil follows the steps of her renowned father, and grandfather skillfully models each decorative figure of the virgin Mary in Cuzquena style head pieces, and cloaks depicting cultural reverence to the ‘apu’ (‘mountain’ in Quechua), a sacred symbol in the Inca’s agricultural society. Mendivil creates these pieces from plaster textile and paints them by hand.


The Quechua Madonna and Child will be a sweet addition to any room or foyer, with it’s maternal delicate and vibrant details, it will certainly a become a unique piece of Andean indigenous style, as well as a conversation starter. 


Textile plaster on wooden frame
Measurements: 7” H x 3.5 W x 1.5” D
Features a hook in the back for hanging
Hand crafted in Peru
Artist’ bio included in the packaging


A gift made with love by our partners, indigenous Quechua artisans following their folk traditions, carry extra love, color, and sustains the lives of the artisan community in Peru.

Mamacha and the Child Sculpture #33, Virgen and the Child

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