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Charming ceramic figurine of the native American hairless dog found across Peru and Mexico. It is delightfully decorated with painted flowers and it is the greatest gift for the lovers of the Peruvian ‘perro calato’ as it is locally known.
It is molded from clay, fired in kiln and skillfully hand painted by master Huassaca following his native folk style from Quinua, Ayacucho. 


Andean Dog sculpture
Measurements: 4”H x 3”L x 2” D
Ceramic, hand painted by the artist
Handmade in Peru
All items have small variations in the color designs due to the handmade nature of this piece.

A gift made with love by our partners, indigenous Quechua artisans following their folk traditions, carry extra love, color, and sustains the lives of the artisan community in Peru.

Chimoc Hairless Dog Ceramic 4” Decor

Only 1 left in stock
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